lola rangel

Lola Rangel is a singer, songwriter, and rapper with amazing vocals. Lola Rangel is the stage name for Bitia Rangel. The name Bitia is a biblical name given to her by her mother. She was born in Chicago, raised in Texas, one of eight children born to Fidel and Minga Rangel. Lola developed a passion for music from her father who is a singer/songwriter/producer and Minga is a Pastor. Family and friends knew Lola was destined to be a singing star she was given the name “Opera” as an infant because she would always cry in tune. 

Lola began singing at age three. At her church, Tabernaculo Cristo es la Victoria, Lola pointed at the stage crying “yo quiero cantar”, which means “I wanna sing”, the song was, tu fidelidad. Lola cried so much the pastor said “let her sing” and put her on stage and Lola started singing. Her father was on the piano and started playing the song. Lola started singing in very low notes and gradually got higher and higher and higher as in the song. Fidel Rangel and others were amazed at how she sang and was only 3. Lola started recording songs at 5 with her father. Her first song recorded was written by her father, “Cuando yo soy grande”. At 5 years old, she could not pronounce all the words in the song properly, but her sound made up for it. Her father was the main influence, writing songs and sharing the stage, she learned the basics of musicianship through him and his music. He taught Lola how to make a song her own. 

Growing up Lola, fell in love with music of all genres, she listened to any type of music she heard. She visited a Baptist church and fell in love with the choir singing. She had one Gospel CD and she listened to that over and over again, and still has today. She sang every song she heard from R & B, Pop, Rock, Rap, Metal, or Country. Lola just loved listening to music. 

Her love of music and desire to be a star and have the world hear her voice, drove Lola to audition for American Idol three times. Only given several seconds at each audition to perform, Lola never became discouraged. She heard her brother rapping and said she can do it to and taught herself how to rap and write her own bars. Longing to perform and sing, Lola performed with various rappers at shows. No one heard Lola’s soulful singing. With no outlets or no one willing to produce or work with Lola, she decided to take a trip to California to visit her brother, to clear her mind. Her dream of becoming a singer was fading, so she was contemplating entering the military or going to school. Lola had no idea some 2,000 miles away things were about to work out in her favor. Her friend, who had recorded at Radar Recording Studio with owner Platinum Producer Tizone, suggested he check out his friend who could really sing but about to give it up. That friend called up Lola and talk with Tizone and she sang to him over the phone. Instantly, hearing her singing, Tizone asked who she was signed to, working with, someone had to hear the soul in this girl voice. He told his co-owner of the label, this girl whoever she is has so much soul and talent she don’t even know how good she is and she is a rapper. Hitlanders and Lola began making plans to meet and hear her in person, without hesitation researched Tizone’s discography and decided to take a chance and follow her dream. Then Lola sang in person, she was signed immediately. She recorded one complete song, in one hour after signing with Radar Recordz. Her first single, “Sometimes”, showcases Tizone’s guidance and direction as a producer/songwriter, making Lola more confident in her upper register. Lola’s love for music can be seen by her work ethic and in her performance. She is in continuous artist development with Tizone to become one of the best entertainers in the music industry. She is constantly singing and recording covers of all genres on her YouTube channel and website. 

Tizone’s production of melodic beats that provoke emotion, coupled with Lola’s amazing vocals command attention. This talented team of Lola and Tizone as well as Hitlanders is sure to take the world by storm.